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Individual, Couple, Family Counseling

  Life Coaching and Life Skills Training

                                           Complementary  Sessions


Hope and Healing

​for your entire family


We are here to help!                                                  


                  Live the life you truly desire! 


                                         Find the peace and harmony you are looking for.


                                                            Whatever is causing difficulties in your life, you can overcome.


                       With our Solution-Focus Therapy, YOU can...reach your personal goals. Starting Today!


Now is the time for a New Beginning!


We are a team of dedicated counselors helping our clients to overcome anxiety, relationship issues, 

communication issues, addictions, grief, depression, co-dependency, and family issues.

Don't wait any longer!

First Session Complementary

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Individual counseling is a process of self-discovery and growth. It can help increase self-confidence, improve relationships, solve problems, achieve educational goals, and make good decisions for emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual well-being.


Couple counseling can provide a safe place to help couples work through tough issues with support. Couples work together and rebuild their relationship by building better skills that bring peace, love, and harmony. 


 When one person in a family has problems, the whole unit suffers. Family therapy is a type of counseling that can help all family members improve communication and resolve conflicts. Working through Family Dynamics helps individuals and the whole family find a healthier style of relating.


Group counseling is a form of counseling where a small group of people meets to discuss, interact, and explore life issues in a safe and comfortable place where  new life skills and behaviors can be shared and explained to help heal and overcome personal issues.  



2419 Coit Road, Suite C, Plano, Texas  75075
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