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Cara Aronson, BA, MA, Plano Counseling Center










Cara Aronson, BA, MA

Clinical Mental Health Student Counselor

Under the supervision of Karen S. Tyndall, LPC-S

Cara Aronson expertise is helping clients reach their full career and personal potential.   As well as providing career counseling, Cara specializes in helping clients with different learning challenges such as autism, ADHD, poor concentration issues, lack of focus and more.  With her patience and expertise, Cara provides encouragement and motivation for each client.  


Cara's work history includes:

Being a Success Coach for Dallas college students, helping them with course selections, career planning, training, and organizational skills.  

As a Student Guidance Provider, she helped with degree planning, graduation, tutoring, school policies, problem-solving issues. student performance success. 


Cara offers counseling for individuals, groups, and family sessions.

     She provides training in multiple modalities helping clients build greater life performance.  


Her "Success for Life Training Program" includes Building Social Skills, developing healthy friendships and creating better communication skills.   This program is designed for teens and adults who want to accomplish more in life and reach their highest potential. 

In addition, this training program will help increase personal performance, self-confidence, healthy friendships, leadership skills, conflict resolution and dealing with tough people.     When Cara isn't promoting mental health, she loves to spend time with her family and two dogs.


Areas of focus: college students, career planning, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), family and couple therapy, and group therapy.


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