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      Lorin Hayes, M.A.


LMFT, Intern

                     Under the supervision of
                         Karen S. Tyndall, LPC-S

Phone: (469) 589-4686



Hello and Welcome!

Are you feeling hopeless,  anxious, or disconnected in your relationship? 

Experiencing depression or reliving painful traumatic memories?

                 I can help! 

I provide a safe space for you to navigate through  these difficult situations and get you back on track.  What ever you are struggling with either relationship issues, family, lack of purpose, motivation or more...I can help you reach your personal goals.   

My therapeutic style provides you a safe and caring environment for individuals, premarital, married couples, and families to help resolve issues such as relational conflict, communication,  problematic cycles, trust issues and loss of enjoyment.  I will help you  with anxiety, depression, life transitions, marital issues, and low self-esteem so you can feel personally empowered to live a healthier  lifestyle.               

           Together we can make it happen!  


My educational background includes degrees in both education and psychology, with an emphasis in Christian Counseling.  I have specialized training in marriage coaching, and parenting, and work experience in case management in a local mental health facility, providing parents with support, education, and tools to transform their lives. My time serving as a Chaplain Assistant in the United States Army gave me valuable experience working with families, couples, and individuals assisting people processing grief and trauma in different stages of life.

I enjoy working with people from all backgrounds to create a safe space for couples, families and individuals to grow and heal. I believe in meeting people where they are and helping them in their journey to celebrate their victories along the way.

I use trauma-informed care, solution-focused therapy, EFT Emotionally Focused Therapy, Gottman Couples therapy, and Experiential Therapy to customize therapy for your needs. I help clients sort through the underlying issues, and to learn new skills to work through their obstacles and connect with their loved ones.



Couples/Marriage counseling

Family therapy


Conflict Resolution

Relationship issues

Parenting (including parenting kids with special needs)

Emotional distress

Life stage Transitions





Self Esteem

Education/ Specialized Training

MS in Marriage & Family Therapy at Capella University 2024 BAH in Psychology with minor in Christian Counseling 2014 AAS in Education 2009 

Chaplain Assistant at US Army Chaplain Center & School 2005 

Certified Professional Life Coach 2021 

Marriage Prepare and Enrichment Facilitator

Nurturing Parent Facilitator 

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Phone: (469) 659-3195


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