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Garrett Reinhardt, MS, LMFT Intern, Plano Counseling Center










Garrett Reinhardt

MA, LMFT Intern

     We all have a story to tell and all our stories are worth hearing. Often our stories contain pain and the vulnerability that it takes to tell our stories can be scary, but I am here to walk with you through it. My first goal in therapy is to create a safe space where you feel comfortable telling your story no matter what it is. Together, we can navigate through the pain and find the beauty that exists in all our stories. From there, we can construct a new narrative and growth can truly begin. I hope that you will allow me to walk through this journey with you!

     As a therapist, I primarily utilize Narrative Therapy and Internal Family Systems to help people learn about themselves on a deeper level and learn how to construct new narratives of growth and resilience.

     I also have a passion for working with the LGBTQ+ population. As a member of this group, I recognize many of us face unique challenges. I believe that therapy is a powerful tool that we can utilize to explore and reconnect with the parts of us that are in exile. Learning to love these parts that have been suppressed for so long can lead to powerful growth.

     I am a current Master of Science candidate in Marriage and Family Therapy and am under the supervision of Karen S. Tyndall, LPC Supervisor.

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Phone: (817) 369-8582

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