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Jason Pomeroy

Jason Pomeroy, MS, LPC-Associate  

Jason believes in establishing a collaborative, compassionate and dependable connection
with clients to reach their therapeutic needs. He specializes in providing child-centered play therapy
to children because he recognized how a child’s natural language of play can be used to process
their emotions. Jason has also worked successfully with all ages of clients who’ve endured complex traumas, bereavement, depression, and anxiety.


Jason Pomeroy, MS, LPC-Associate

     I am an LPC Associate under the supervision of Karen Tyndall, MA, LPC-S of Plano Counseling Center in Plano, TX.  As a counselor, I have a heartfelt desire to help individuals feel heard and empowered. I believe it is essential to establish a collaborative, compassionate and reliable connection with clients in order to discover the best path towards reaching their individual needs. 

     Over the course of my counseling experience, I have had the privilege of observing clients discover restored hope when they felt safe to explore their inner most conflicting thoughts and life circumstances within the therapy space. I have worked successfully with clients who’ve endured complex traumas, bereavement, depression, anxiety, self-harm, and human sex trafficking.  Additionally, I have also acquired specialized training in play therapy, working with children between the ages of four through twelve who sought treatment for trauma and behavior problems.  The education I received while acquiring a BA in psychology at the University of North Texas and a MS degree in Counseling and Development from Texas Woman’s University provided a comprehensive foundation for counseling people from all walks of life.  

     My therapeutic approach gravitated towards play therapy when working with children because I recognized how I could contribute to the therapeutic healing process utilizing the child’s own language of play. I quickly felt a kinship with children and observed how positive behavior transformations occurred when they truly felt they could voice their emotional outcries without shame.  The play environment provided a natural atmosphere where children could focus and express their feelings comfortably. 

     I offer in office and virtual appointments.

Call or text at (214)729-0809 to schedule.  You may also email me at

I look forward to hearing from you!

 Jason Pomeroy, MS, LPC-Associate

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