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Parenting classes, Plano Counseling Center

Parenting Effectiveness Training

Parenting is one of the most challenging, yet very meaningful life tasks. It is often stressful to parent children especially a strong-willed or special needs child. Unfortunately, misconceptions about how to raise responsible children can lead to ineffective communication and power struggles.

Sometimes parents are not sure how to react to a child or how to deal with a problem. We are trained to help you respond in a positive and helpful way. The goal is to make you an effective and competent parent.

Some parents use authoritarian parenting strategies that do not allow the child an independent voice or sense of efficacy. Other parents overcompensate with overly permissive parenting that doesn’t teach kids about limits and self-control.

Research shows both extremes can interfere with the child's ability to regulate emotions and form healthy relationships as adults. The best type of parenting is fair, flexible, respectful, and focuses on teaching rather than forcing submission. Reflective listening and validation help a child to feel respected and more willing to cooperate. Allowing the child choices with clear limits on unacceptable behavior is the healthy balance that we teach in our Parenting Effectiveness Training.

We will show you how to avoid ineffective ways of communicating that lead to noncompliance and power struggles, or damage self-esteem, AND help you start creating a healthy family that you desire.

We are dedicated to help you through any challenge that you are facing and guide you to live the life you truly desire.

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